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Hawaii Five-0 Graphics
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hawaii five-0 graphics
[ Welcome ]

Hi there, and welcome to hfive0_graphics! A graphics community for the new CBS series Hawaii Five-0!.

Your friendly mods here are unightfog and zequins

We welcome all kinds of graphics here.
That includes, icons, animated icons, banners, header wallpapers, picspams, moodthemes and anything remotely graphcis related... but more importantly Hawaii Five-0 related ;P
Graphics focusing on the cast are welcome as well.

When you post, you are more than welcome to link to your own journal or community, but please don't like to a locked post.

The community mainly centers around Hawaii Five-0 2010 but because it is a remake of the original Hawaii Five-0, graphics from the original series are more than welcome here as well.

[ The Rules ]

There aren't many rules so please do follow the ones we have:

Be nice! It will be much more pleasant for everyone if we are all at our best behaviour :) So be respectful and polite! and don't flame!

Post up to 3 teaser icons
Larger graphics should go under the cut
Credit when asked and do not hotlink. If you don't know what it is, you can always ask :)

Graphics are considered spoilery 24 hours after the episode have aired in the US.
However! If something major happens, be considerate and don't include it in the teasers even after 24 hours :)

Promoting other Hawaii Five-0 communities is allowed, but don't spam!

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[ Credits ]

Header: zequins
Layout: milou_veronica

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